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Intro Sabre

This class is for all ages students interested in the sport of fencing. Students are engaged to learn the basics of the sport through games and fun activities, history of fencing, fencing as modern olympic sport, different between weapons and basic rules.


Beginners Sabre

After Intro Class you can join next level and this class teaches the following fencing concepts: introduction to the fencing uniform, weapon and protective gear; basic position, salute and lounging, target and right of way, basic attacks, defense and elementary footwork.


Intermediate Sabre

This class continues with the fencing concepts teaching the students: basic attacks and defense, bouting drills and rules of the strip. At this level it is recommended that students purchase their own equipment. By the end of the class students will be able to challenge one another in fencing bouts and even participate in local tournaments.


Advance Sabre

A program for the competitive athlete. The focus of the class is endurance, speed, agility, fencing technique, tactics and strategie. Students are encouraged to referee each other during fencing bouts in order to familiarize themselves with refereeing calls, hand signals, score keeping and calculating points.


Private Lessons

Fencing can be learned in a group class setting, where students practice challenging each other. But in order to refine and sharpen the fencer's technical abilities, private lessons are strongly encouraged. At GSA coaches accord fencers their complete attention in 20 minutes private lessons working in perfecting handwork, footwork and agility skills. The frequency of private lesson is recommended to be increased according to the fencer's performance level. High performance fencers dedicate at least 20 hours of training and an average of five private lessons per week.


Tournament Coaching

GSA coaches recommend that fencers interested in the competitive side of the sport to attend tournaments at their skill level. Coaches will accompany athletes to competitions only if coaching arrangements have been established ahead of time. Fees for these types of services vary according to travel, lodging and number of GSA members attending the tournament. As a courtesy rule, if two members of our club end up fencing each other in a tournament, GSA coaches will not assist with the side coaching during the bout neither one of the fencers.

Birthday or General Fencing Parties


We offers exciting birthday parties for children ages 7 & up.

Fun, interactive parties for both kids and adults.

Standard Party Time is 2 hours. Extra party time can be arranged for an additional charge.

Up to 10 guests – $300 – additional guests $25 each.

These two hour parties consist of 30 minutes of technique, footwork, and fencing strategy, followed by 30 minutes of supervised fencing where participants will gear up and fence.

All fencing equipment (masks, weapons, jackets, gloves) is provided.

The first hour is taught by one of our very own fencing coaches.

The second hour is used for presents, cake, and refreshments (which are provided by the birthday host).

Things you need to know:

Tables, chairs, and a table cloth will be provided. Music CDs if desired (we have the audio equipment).

Please bring the following:

Decorations, cups, plates, napkins, and utensils.

Food and drinks.

Birthday cake.

A cooler for any items that need to be refrigerated.

Alcohol is not permitted.

Guests should wear comfy clothes and sneakers and come prepared to have fun.

Each participant will have to fill out a registration/permission form.

In order to reserve your party, a $100 non refundable deposit is required.

The remaining balance must be paid in full on the day of your party.

“Golden Sabre Academy” is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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Special Classes

We pleased to offer a newly created program for special needs children to develop their potential through participation in the sport of fencing, a health education program, a beneficial physical education program designed to help them develop their physical and mental potential, and to allow them to just have fun with instruction on the basics of the sport of fencing through games and recreational activities. The program will include the following emphases:


- The Physical, Mental and Behavioral aspects of sport

- Confidence and Well-Being

- Socialization, Self-Regulation

- Focusing, Interacting

- Coordination

- Flexibility

- Muscle Strength

- Endurance

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