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Welcome to the Golden Sabre Academy.


A non-profit organization helping children of all ages develop their full potential through extensive participation in sports of fencing, health education, activities as an enjoyable part of daily life."


We are dedicated to introducing the sport of fencing to people of all ages and experience. The club offers professional instruction, for both recreational and competitive fencers. Our talented coaching staff guides our students toward achieving their individual goals. Our programs encourage self-esteem, self-confidence, and promotes education through athletics.


GSA recognises national and international coaches and fencers.


It is the goal of GSA coaches to promote the Olympic sport of fencing by developing skills such as coordination, quick creative thinking and the use of tactics and strategy.


GSA has a relaxed atmosphere, while encouraging competition. Our curriculum provides students at all ages and levels with the opportunity to grow as fencers. We are supportive of all our members who compete in local, national and international events.

Our facility offers 4 fencing strips plus 2 spare strip. Amenities include Offfice, Fencing Store, Men's and Women's restrooms, Armory, a Lounge area for both kids and parents with free WiFi Access, free on-site parking.

All GSA Coaches are Professional Members of the US Fencing Association.


Joining us is very simple: just choose a MEMBERSHIP level and type of PROGRAMS that best fits your fencing needs. To refine your technique and improve your endurance add classes or private lessons taught by our coaches. GSA members benefit in a variety of activities during the year including in house tournaments and competitions.

“Golden Sabre Academy” is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

# 47-1213847


National Fencing Club Rankings

based on an analysis of United States Fencing Association (USFA) national event data.



#19 in Top Performing USA Saber Clubs at the 2017 Summer Nationals.


USA National Rankings:

# 91 in all 670 USFA Clubs;

#10 USFA Sabre weapon Clubs;

# 5 Veteran Men's Saber Top 8 Medal Points;

# 19 Youth Women's Saber Top 8 Medal Points;

# 21 Youth Men's Saber Top 8 Medal Points;

# 22 Youth Women's Saber Top 16 Placement Points;

# 30 Youth Men's Saber Top 16 Placement Points.


California State Rankings:

# 1 California Veteran Men's Saber Podium Medal Points;

# 6 California Youth Women's Saber Top 8 Medal Points;

# 5 California Youth Men's Saber Top 8 Medal Points

# 6 California Youth Women's Saber Top 16 Placement Points;

# 9 California Youth Men's Saber Top 16 Placement Points.

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